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couple of rumbles of thunder, as well. good looking radar. we haven't seen that in week an we will take it. it is in the 50s well north and west. most of us in the 60s to 70s south. the day at a glance 67 at 9:00. watch out for some pockets of heavy rain at times this morning. it is 5:00 a.m. how are the roads? >> as you said the rain is a good thing but not fun to drive in, especially when you run in to an accident. we have one right now we are looking at. bw parkway at landover road. the crash is a report. no major delays associated with this one yet, but beaware of that if you are heading out that way. take it extra slow wherever you go. as we head out to our live camera and see how the wet roads are affecting the commute on 270, it is wet and people are taking it slower but all lanes are open father hurley to the split. virginia commuters, good morning to you as you head 66
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from route 50 the the beltway. a-okay. no incidents or accidents to report. and same on 95 and 395. all lanes are open, as well. be extra careful out there and heading to work this morning. back to you. >> thank you. well, this morning big changes await commuters who travel to the pentagon metro station. the defense department is making security improvements after a gunman opened fire at the pentagon check point last march. kristin fisher has more on how the changes will affect commuters. good morning, kristin. >> good morning. the changes are going to take some getting used to, but the good news is that it shouldn't add too much time to your typical morning or evening chew. now, these changes are in response to what happened here last march when john patrick bedell opened fire on two guards at a security the pentagon. ever since, the department of
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defense officials wanted to move the check point farther away from the entrance to the building. finally this morning they are starting the process of just that. here's what it means for you. look at the list and i will break it down for you. if you are just walking from the bus platforms to the north entrance, you are fine. no mayor changes. if you are walking toe the visitors entrance on the south side, that's when you need to watch out. metro customers will no welcomer have access to the left center walkway near the escalators and elevators that lead to the visitor entrance. that walkway is going to be accessible to pentagon pass holders. it is an issue, especially on mornings like this when it is raining because that's the only covered walkway on the south side. plan to get wet if you are using that walkway. the defense department is planning to build a temporary canopy next month but until
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then pedestrians will be directed to the north side escalators and elevators during bad weather, like the kind we are dealing with today. now, these changes will only be in affect monday through friday 5:00 a.m. until 8 p.m. but keep in mind you want to get used to these changes because they will remain in place until sometime in 2012 and that's when the pentagon will be getting a new security check. they are working on building that now. shouldn't be done until 2012. until then, get used to these changes, especially on mornings like this. andrea? >> good advice. well, doctors are trying to save a young woman injured in a hit and run as police search for the driver. the crash happened on carroll avenue near piney branch road. the impact of the crash broke off the passenger's side mirror. it should help to identify the make and model of the car. they are looking for a dark-
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colored four-door car possibly a honda. a discarded cigarette is blamed for starting a fire in manassas, virginia. the cigarette was tossed in to a planter and gusty winds did the rest. five homes were damaged an 18 were left homeless. police in frederick, maryland are looking for the person or people who slashed 30 tires early yesterday. residents woke up to discovered the slashed tires. some of the victims went outside to see what neighbors were upset about and found their tires were also slashed. he takes his plumbing van home and now it needs new tires. >> we are not out here doing bad things like this and here we are stuck now, 20% of our salary for the week is gone.
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>> reporter: frederick police officers left notes on the windshields of victims they within able to contact. five after the hour. time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is here with a preview of the day ahead on wall street looking for a return of friday. >> very nice and wall street is on the longest winning streak now in months. good news there. it starts the new trading weeks after four straight weeks of gains. this is the best run since hitting highs in april. last week alone the average jumped from 2 to 3%. the dow stands at 10860. it almost added about 200 points to close our the week. the nasdaq climbed 54 an the s&p jumped by 23. the price of gas has been holding steady over the last two weeks. the left-hand sideberg survey finds the average price of a gallon of regular is 2.69. that is 17 cents more than this time last year. in our area, aaa puts the
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average price at $2.65 a gallon and that is also flat over the last month. with only a few months before the holiday shopping season starts, sisters is thinking city -- seas is thinking -- sears is thinking toys will be big sellers. it plans to devote a lot of space to toys, 1800 square feet per store. a lot of space for toys. >> sears really has everything now. we are doing it ourself this morning an we are learning to do diy projects all for free. i will explain that coming up. today may be a moody monday for some redskins fans after falling behind 14-0 in st. louis. washington came back, thanks in part to a rum fumble recovery on a kickoff. after taking a 16-18 lead in the second half the skins gave it back. jessica was ready to give it up at that point. darby ran in for a touchdown
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and eventually the redskins found themselves down 30-18 an the comeback attempt ended with a mcnabb interception. >> we have to return the ball better. it is disappointing but i think people are coming along. it is early in the season. it's a tough loss so you try not to read too deeply in to anything. >> the defense needs to improve. the offensive line needs to improve but overall i see real progress. >> reporter: and we will hear what some of the players thought of the game coming up in sports. it is early still. remember that. plus, why the nationals have something to cheer about heading to the last week of their season. and after the break, the fate of the astronauts on the space station because of a mechanical problem. an rhee makes her public comments after the meeting with vincent gray last week. we'll be right
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rye ' peered on "meet the press" yesterday giving her first comments since meeting in private on thursday with vincent gray. a prominent church leader vows to his congregation he will fight allegations of sexual abuse. bishop long heads the new birth missionary ban chest church in atlanta. four men are suing long saying he lavished gifts on them in exchange for sex when they were 17 an 18 years old. three astronauts are back onette after a six month mission on the space station.
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you may be wary of chemicals or window blinds but safety advocates say some evident furniture can be hazardous for kids. that story is coming up. authorities fear a leaking levy will leave part of a wisconsin town under water. here's howard. rain out there. we will look at it on live doppler 9000 hd and not just rain but some thunderstorms are a possibility, as well. the full forecast when 9 news now returns.
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welcome back. it is probably too late for people to evacuate in wisconsin. authorities closed roads on the levy yesterday because the 100- year-old structure is failing. people were warned to bet out before the flooding made it imbasketball for emergency vehicles to reach them. >> my main concern is as long as the levy doesn't break how much we will have. >> if it holds floodwaters were causing damage inside of homes. at least 200 homes are under evacuation orders. >> we have talked about highway the midwest has gotten hammered in the northern plains with the rain. we have been dry as a bone. >> well, the little beat of meat on the bone this morning.
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>> we have some rain and wet weather to start your monday. a little bit on sunday but certainly cooled off. i think 90s are done. we want to show you what is going on the radar. start with the weather computer and you can see the rain moved in overnight. some of it north and east has been heavy and a few breaks out there, as well. we will get in to some lulls. on live doppler 9000 hd we are going east and northeast of town here. you can ' the break across prince william and loudoun county, southern fairfax. however, north and east raining rather hard now. breaks in calvert county. annapolis will slacken up for you but severna park and columbia it is really pouring in these areas where the water is coming down thankfully. we see it here on 32. north of 32, columbia getting
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hit good. going down 29 heading back to silver spring, things really start to slacken for you. and east of laytonsville in montgomery county we have some moderate rain over there. what are we expecting for monday? well, wet weather. we start off with the bus stop forecast. rain gear a necessity. some showers and drizzle out there. 60s. sunrise at 7:00 straight up. right now 65 here in washington. looking at 67 by 9:00. 72 at noon and 75 for the drive home. there will be breaks but showers and even thinner is possible. southeast winds at 10 to 15 miles an hour. tonight, more showers and storms. upper level dynamics will be more impressive later on. we could have severe weather overnight. 65 to 70. southeast wins 10 to 15 and tomorrow morning showers and storms. i think midday we will see some clearing or partly sunny in the afternoon. highs around 80. 70 southern maryland. low 70s on the delmarva and 50s
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from hagerstown west toward cumberland and winchester is 59. 63 in centreville and manassas, sterling 62. we have 62 in rockville. 65 here in alexandria. brandywine and crofton and columbia at 64. national is 65. with the light rain out there and the 63. i want to show you, this low pressure, this is coming up. that's why rain will be off and on through at least tomorrow morning and should be better in the afternoon. 80 tomorrow. afternoon looks better. wednesday 79 and more rain possible on thursday with highs in the 70s. patranya bhoolsuwan, i give you wet streets and that means? >> it's going to be wet and rainy. >> way to take it and run. >> way to take it. thank you, howard. >> it will be wet to start off
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the week. use extra caution wherever you go. a live picture on 95 northbound from lorton to the beltway. right now we are seeing volume pick up as we speak but no incidents or accidents to report. that's good news. move over to a realtime maps. we are checking out traffic between springfield and tysons corner in the green. everything is move at speed. watch for wet roads out. there a live picture of the beltway in montgomery county. the traffic is picking up. people are starting the day early just to beat the rush and get out of the rain before it gets really bad out there. finally wrap it up on route 29. looks like the camera needs a windshield wiper. but it is pretty quiet on the road in this part of silver spring. en. the dc department of recreation is joining a campaign to distribute
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education materials at all ten indoor swimming facilities in the city. they hope to drive home the point that vigilance by adults can prevent many drownings each year. every two weeks, one child is killed by a television, piece of furniture or an appliance falling on top of them. the consumer product safety commission reports receiving nearly 200 tipover related deaths. >> you don't think of those things. they don't tell you to do that when you get out of the hospital with your baby. >> reporter: the cpsc urges parents to anchor televisions, dressers, book shelves and other large pieces of furniture. televisions should be placed on a sturdy low-rice base and pushed back as far as possible
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and avoid placing items like remote controls on top of a tv stand, book shelf or chest that may tempt a child to climb on and reach for it. it wasn't pretty. coming up in sports the redskins talk about what went wrong in sunday's loss to the lowly rams. here's a look at who's celebrating a birthday today --
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good morning, everybody. here's what the rams have done the past three seasons, 2-14 and 1-15. they have won six games our of the last 50 so if you assumed as apparently the redskins did, that sunday's game was a cake walk and they would head to philly 2-you would be surprise. they got hit in the mouth with the first possession. for the rams, jackson the two- time pro bowler living up to that billing. 42-yards on this sprint. outrunning landry to the end
5:23 am
zone. rams open the game with a touch join and led 18-0 after six minutes. the redskins erased that deficit. mcnabb throwing back across the field. there's moss. he had six catches for a buck 24. skins lead 16-14 in the third. but not for long. darby, killing in for jackson after jackson got hurt, and the rams hardly missed a beat. 12-yards up the gut. touchdown gives the rams the lead once again and never gave it up. 3016 the final as the skins get shocked in st. louis. after that they did the job and played well. we need to step up and do what we need to win a football game on our own. >> what i thought from the first drive in the second half, we were able to get down and put ourselves in position to score and you kicking field goals it is not going to cut it. >> we had them three or four times in 3rddown situations and didn't get off the field.
5:24 am
that was on us. you work so hard to get in those third situations, you have to stop them. >> and they did not stop them often numb here's the numbers -- that's a quick look at sports. we will have a coverage on the press conference tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. until then have a great monday, everybody. in sports the nationals may not make the playoffs but may keep atlanta out of the postseason, as well. in the 2ndinning, morgan hits a flair in to left center field
5:25 am
scoring rodriguez for a 2-0 lead. the braves tie it in the seventh with an rbi hit. and then in the bottom of the inning, washington loads the bases anodes monday knocks in two runs. nats win 4-2 taking four of six games from the braves in the last two series. just in this half hour, the obama administration wants to make it easier for the government to eavesdrop on your electronic devices. that story is coming up in the next living smart segment. after an uproar earlier this year, virginia's governor is changing the name of confederate history month. and after the shooting at the pentagon metro station commuters there will see big changes. here's patranya bhoolsuwan. we are taking a live look at 495 in montgomery county. a report of two accidents right now. inner loop and bw parkway and inner loop at colesville. this is beyond the camera here but traffic is picking up. the rain is not helping the
5:26 am
situation. more traffic problems coming up after the break. [ son ] my parents have always lived in the states.
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the 18th annual dulles family day has a fund-raiser to benefit special olympics, virginia. it featured a classic car show and military aircraft display and a tug of war patranya bhoolsuwan has the traffic. a couple of problems on the roadway because of the rain in howard's forecast. >> we want to blame it on the rain, not howard. >> you can if it makes you feel better. >> we will have showers off and on. with thunder, as well. especially tonight when we could have some strong thunderstorms but you can see the moisture over the past 12 hours or so it came from the south and overspread the region with occasional breaks in southern virginia. on live doppler 9000 hd, you see the heavy stuff north and
5:30 am
east of washington. there it is now pulling out of the northern half of anne arundel county. about to cross 32. columbia has been seeing heavy rain and this is moving in to the baltimore area away from us. but terry in bowie says it has been raining like cats and dogs. most readings in the 60s but 70 on the bay in southern maryland. upper 50s from the have been valley. it is 5:30. good morning, patranya bhoolsuwan. >> good morning, howard. good morning, everybody. with the rain out there a chance of accident is going up. on the inner loop in montgomery county, zoom in an see this crash. this is inner loop at colesville and another at bw parkway just reported. watch for those crashes. possible lane closures out there. a live picture and see how things are on the beltway. this is new hampshire. traffic is picking up as we speak. that will cause some problems for folks trying to get to
5:31 am
work. you may want to get out early this morning. go on to virginia and see how things are looking on 95 an 395. all lanes are open. no accidents reported. it is 5:31. back to you. well, this morning things look different at the pentagon metro station. six mondays after a gunman opened fire at a check.there, new security measures have been put in place. 9 news now reporter kristin fisher is live with more on the impact for commuters. good morning, kristin. >> good morning. the good news is these new changes won't be adding a ton of time to your morning commute. but it is going to be a bit of an inconvenience, especially on mornings like today when it is raining, and i will tell you what i'm talking about. these changes are especially going to impact the pedestrian traffic pattern around the pentagon metro station right near the visitor entrance. if you are just walking from the bus platform to the north entrance you are fine.
5:32 am
no major changes. if you are walking to the visitors entrance on the south side that's where you have to watch out. metro customers will not have any access to the left center walkway near the station's south escalators that lead to the visitors entrance. the walkway is only accessible to pentagon pass holders. it's an issue, like i said, on mornings like this when it is raining because that is the only covered walkway on the south side. expect to get wetter. bring an umbrella. the defense department is planning to build a temporary canopy next month. but until then pedestrians will be redirected to the north side escalators during bad weather. this is in response to what happened here last march when john patrick bedell opened fire at this security the pentagon. ever since pentagon officials said nay need to move the check.s away farther from the building. this morning they are taking the first step to do that.
5:33 am
but those changes are not likely going to be complete until late 2012. while they are not permanent they are going to be around for a while. unfortunately you have to get used to them. >> thank you. >> metro will be working on the western end of the orange line for two weeks. trains will be single tracks starting today between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. metro spokesman says since trains run less often there shouldn't be delays. orange line trains have hummerred at reduced speeds because of concerns of aging tracks. a california jury resumes deliberations in the case of a man accused of killing a baseball pitcher from maryland. the judge found gallo guilty of driving with a suspended license. he is accused of killing nick
5:34 am
adenhart an two others in a car accident. prosecutors say he was drunk at the time. the jury is considering six other charges, including murder. a new report this morning finds nearly half of the guns that cross state lines and were used in crimes last year were sold in ten states and one of them is virginia. states were also ranked by the number of crime guns exported per 1,000 inhabitats. mississippi follows that list topped by west virginia. virginia is seven knot the category. the survey is by mayors against illegal guns which is headed by new york mayor bloomberg. today the district board of elections and ethics will start a manual audit of the unofficial results of the september 14th primary. the board drew slips of paper from a hat on friday to determine which races would be audited. when certification is complete the board will release the results of a forensic audit.
5:35 am
time for another "living $mart" report. the government may want to snoop on your e-mail. >> the obama administration wants to make it easier for the government to snoop on e-mail and internet communications. this is our of the new york times report. the white house plans to submit a bill next year that would require all on-line communication services to be technically equiped to comply with a wiretap order that would include encrypted e-mail like blackberry, facebook and direct communication services like skype. officials say terrorists and criminals are giving up their phones to communicate on-line. we have a new car recall to tell you about. safety regulators say 100,000 hyundai sonatas are being recalled. 2011 models are affected. it is time for the money saver. we are all familiar with do it yourself, but this morning we are telling you about do it
5:36 am
herself. these are free workshops at home depot that feature martha stewart living products and how to decorate and coordinate on a budget. loews has workshops like the build and grow clinic on saturday for kids. it is fun, free and educational. for more check out my blog on the and i'd love to be your friend on facebook. >> women are interested. a lot of women at the dulles town center, home expo. grit ideas. hope to put some in place in our home, as well. it appears a vote on extending tax cuts may not happen until the holiday season. that story is coming up. plus, environmental protests go to extreme lens to shut down shipping at the largest coal port. and a live picture outside. the roads are wet and the chance of an accident will go up. a couple on the inner loop at
5:37 am
colesville and bw parkway. more traffic in a bit. stay with us.
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5:39 am
loss majority leader hoyer is blaming republicans for blocking to vote to eck tend the bush era tax cuts but house minority leader john boehner says the democrats are doing the country a studies dust service by delaying a vote until after the november mid- term election. coal companies are assessing the damage from an environmental protest at the world's largest coal port which is in australia. dozens of activists with the group rising tide entered the port and chained themselves to machinery forcing a shut down of operations for eight hours.
5:40 am
the dispute over israeli settlements in the west bank could shut down the peace process. that story is coming up. plus, if it felt like we have the nation's worst weather this summer, some experts agree. here's our resident expert howard bernstein. >> after the worst winter, the worst summer and now much- needed rain falling this morning. we will look at it on live doppler 9000 hd and let you know what the rain chances are for the rest of the week when 9 news now returns. [ music throughout ] [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money?
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pnc. for the achiever in us all. right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools...
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and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better. welcome back to 9 news now. according to the weather channel, we here in the dc area suffered through the worst summer in america. the ranking is based on the number of damaging thunderstorms, oppressive heat and drought. lindsey mastis has reaction from the national mall. >> set foot on the national mall and you will work up a sweat. >> not that bad. it is still hot and keep moving
5:44 am
an on seg ways and it is not that bad. >> not as bad as in july. >> reporter: some people are feeling it more than others. pat has one of the hottest jobs, driving people around in a pedicab. >> i looked at the bike and started to sweat. like my body knew. >> reporter: apple is drenched if sweat from head to toe. >> i'm sweating bullets and i have been out here for about a half hour. >> reporter: once he gets up a good speed a nice cool breeze comes through. but this isn't what he longed for. >> hoping for fall weather sometime soon. the heat will bring me rides and so it is good in that regard, but if it were ten degrees cooler that would be significantly better in my book. >> just as as soon as he gets going he has to make an emergency stop. >> there's a screw in the tire. >> it's the worst time to have to change a tire. >> that will do it 100% of the time. >> reporter: other drivers know
5:45 am
the feeling all too well. >> apple says he works for tips only and he's hoping all of his sweat will pay off. >> i know the heat is going to end my day today, not necessarily the fatigue in my legs which is typically the case. >> reporter: 9 news now. the washington metro area didn't make out much better with our snow filled winter. the weather channel put dc in a tie for that season but guess who suffers through the worst winter in the country, according to the weather channel, miami beach. i want to say thank you for everyone 0 who showed up for the step for cancer 5-k. an early start on that before we got to the 90s again on saturday morning. >> saturday was 93. that was the 67th time we hit 90. that ties the record and friday 99. the latest we have ever been
5:46 am
that hot. so we will take the coolness and the rain and take it all. it is feeling better this morning. show you what has been happening. the rain has been moving in. at times the rain has been heavy, at times it is just drizzling. you see the nice break to the south. on live doppler 9000 hd hd, we have some pockets where there's no rain right now like fairfax, southern prince georges, over to calvert and south of fredericksburg we have a break but it is also raining moderately to the north and east. in the baltimore area now east of columbia, pulling up to owens mills and this will get in to carroll county. look back to town, little shower there between bethesda and great falls heading to rockville. over than that, not so bad. we will have occasional showers at times today. the bus stop forecast, maybe even numerous showers and storms. we have rain and drizzle out there this morning. temperatures are in the 60s and the sunrise is 7 a.m., straight
5:47 am
up. then today at a glance. upper 60s at 9:00 with showers. low 70s at noon with showers. mid-70s at 5:00 and potentially thunderstorms, as well. temperatures right about 75 degrees. tonight, you have to stay up on the weather. i know you want to sleep and everything. get a weather radio if you don't have one or sleep downstairs because we could have severe weather. don't want to be upstairs when you have severe weather blowing trees around. southeast wins 10 to 15 and the wind gusts were the concern tonight. mainly morning showers and thunderstorms. highs of 80 on tuesday winds south southwest at 10 to 15. 70-degrees in southern maryland. 65 fredericksburg and also at national. shenandoah valley upper 50s to 61 in luray. and oakland this morning at 52 degrees. got the low 60s here in montgomery county with rain showers around. reston 62 and fairfax 68. it is, let me step over here and look, 60 in haymarket,
5:48 am
manassas 3 and 63 andrews. with they have rain pulling away columbia 65. light rain at reagan national. a north wind at 8. the winds change direction. we are on the north side of the stationary boundary but as the low pressure pulls up the warm front will take over. the warm air will come in. by five lohr six tonight, a line of showers and storms. some breaks. a lot of clouds. overnight here's the showers and maybe severe thunderstorms in the morning and then they start to clear out of here in the afternoon. we will be doing a lot better as we head in to tuesday night and wednesday. our seven-day forecast, though, shows another chance of rain thursday. so 70s today. 80 tomorrow. watch out for the storms tonight. a break on wednesday. more rain potentially on thursday. could stay east but keep it here for now and then the weekend much cooler. temperatures dropping by sunday in the low 60s. >> it feels cool out there, howard. feels more like fall.
5:49 am
on the roadways, though, we have an accident to tell you about. zoom in here to inner loop at coles vie. this crash has been there for a while now. crews are trying to clear this up. may take more time to get through this. delays approaching the scene. steer clear of this if you can. moving to 95 an the bw parkway, a disabled vehicle on 95 and powder mill. bw parkway is the better bet for you right now. moving back to our live picture here as you can see a lot of traffic now on 270. volume is picking up. and the pace picks up to the beltway. as we wrap it up in virginia. good morning to you. a lot of head lights along with brake brake lights. back to you. israeli setters have begun to break ground in the west bank now that nearly year long moratorium on construction has been lifted. there are fears the rebuilding
5:50 am
could jeopardize peace negotiations between israelis and palestinians. palestinian leaders threatened to walk away from negotiations if construction resumes. the obama administration is racing to keep the middle east peace talks alive. >> we are at a pivotal juncture at that region. it is important for israel. it is important for the palestinians, and we think it is essential that they keep on moving forward. israeli prime minister netanyahu says he wants the negotiations to continue. however, he has rejected calls by president obama to extend the ban. analysts say that's because he needs the support of the settlers to remain in power. some 300,000 israelis live in the west bank settlement, making them a strong political force. virginia governor mcdonnell is offering a new apology for proclaiming confederate history month earlier this year without bringing up slavery. the governor now has had a change of heart and is renaming the month after admitting he
5:51 am
offended a lot of people the first time. >> reporter: the governor called it an error of taste, not heart. saying -- the governor is officially changing the name to civil war in virginia month. folks we spoke to in northern virginia accept the governor's apology but many have mixed reactions regarding his message and the meaning. >> i will accept his apology. i don't think he is a racist. >> i think the sill civil war is over with. let's move on. he kind of wants to take us back in history. that's phone with. let's start a new pattern. >> reporter: in old town, alexandria, blocks from the confederate soldiers statue, concern about striking the right balance between paying homage to the state's history and still being sensitive and forward moving. >> i think it was really backwards and going opposite of
5:52 am
where we are trying to go. >> i think he should have made a different decision because the world is diverse. we don't want to be racial to nobody. we need to stick together. >> the new named declaration takes effect in april of 2011. coming up, we will tell you which movie made the most money at the box office this weekend. and a weekend festival in celebration of one eat gooey street -- sweet gooey treat. if people are watching us at home right now chances are they are doing it with a cup of coffee in hand. which professionals need a cup of coffee to make it through the day. coming up i will have the in case of everyday emergencies, it's important to be prepared for dinner. that's why i've prepared my perdue perfect portions fresh chicken breasts. they're individually wrapped, so you can cook what you need
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-- there's disagreement over the effects of inviting a come median to testify on captiol hill about a very serious issue. comedy central stephen colbert appeared in front front of the house judiciary committee on friday where he gave testimony in his character as coast of the colbert report. he was invited to testify about migrant workers after spending one day working in the field. >> does one day in the field make you an expert witness. >> i believe one day of me studying anything makes me an expert. >> i thought it was inappropriate way of conveying the message and perhaps diminished the value of congress. >> it would soil the good name of experts that republican controlled congresses have called to testify in the past, like christy blinkly and elmo [ laughter ] >> reporter: however, some members of the united farm
5:57 am
workers say nay attention drawn to their issue is helpful. people incomed to pennsylvania to celebrate a desert you may have -- dessert you may have never heard of. and it is one messy con congress. >> unless you grew up in new england there is a good chance you never heard of them. >> i forgot what she said it is. >> it is a woopie pie. >> i come from the west coast so i don't know them very well. >> it is chocolate cake with seven minute frosting in the middle tastes like marshmallow. >> beloved by maine and pennsylvania they are increasingly making their way on the bakery shelves across the country and in to local lexicon. >> you know the story behind the name? >> i don't. you want to tell me. >> amish farmers their wives put it in their lunch piles and when they found them they would say woopie. >> not everyone knows what it is but as soon as we describe
5:58 am
it they say it is like a moon pie or oreo. >> reporter: this san francisco author grew up with the treats and devoted an entire cook book to them. >> it is so much less intimidating than putting a big cake together. >> reporter: and they say there is more to them than chocolate and vanilla. >> we have wildly deviated from tradition and we have savory woopie pies. >> there are 100 flavors at the annual festival in lancaster, pennsylvania, the heart of amish country. >> use them for breakfast, dinner and supper an midnight supper. >> woopie pie. >> reporter: here they put them on a pedestal with checkers, a table to make your own and the world's largest which gets the celebrity treatment but true celebrities are known country wide. >> we have seen them in san
5:59 am
francisco, san diego, they are big in l.a. right now. and in new york. but you are not finding them in iowa. >> at least not yet. >> michelle miller, cbs news, new york. >> very good. thank you for watching us at 6:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. howard has the forecast. we were saying, i thought they were moon pies not whoopi pies. >> devil dogs. the moviered version. >> maybe they are in the midwest under another assumed name. >> good whatever they are. show you what has been happening the past 12 hours on the weather computer. it is raining and that liquid falling from the sky is called rain. you may have photophore gotten. -- you may have forgotten. some breaks over dc. rockville a shower on the west side of 270. heavier near bwi and woodbridge to waldorf,

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